Head Hunter


Hunting for good candidates, experienced is difficult, looking for talent is obviously more difficult.

Senior personnel with managerial roles in the business will be like the captain who lead the boat to success. In case of inadequate recruitment, it is not only financial losses but also affects the development of existing staff as well as the macro development of enterprises.

Searching for talentsrecruiter’s mission

What is senior staff?

They take only about 10-15% of the total human resource in the enterprise, but they play a vital role in the competitiveness of enterprises as a result of their work efficiency. Senior personnel is a mix of three elements: knowledge, skill and attitude towards the business environment. Therefore, they can get things done more systematically and efficiently than other people.

Is it easy to recruit senior staffs?

Although the business has identified the importance of seeking talent for key positions, the economy has begun to increase sharply and the scarcity of managerial talent is still creating problems for businesses and companies. This depends on many factors influencing the internal and external environment such as company's prestige, social relationships, competition among enterprises, conditions of labor supply and demand The solution to the problem of finding talent is not just the cost of recruiting but also the time and the overall soft skills of recruiters.

So what is the solution?

Using HEADHUNTER service whenever human resource issues occur:

  • Urgent recruitment, requiring highly qualified candidates.
  • Branding the company through recruitment
  • Saving cost when need to recruit more people for the same position or people for the same department.
  • Chosing right person, right job

What can JOB SD VINA do for you?

JOB SD VINA have leading recruiting staffs in Vietnam in all fields such as finance, accounting, banking, interpreting, interpreting, human resource management, production, information technology, restaurant, hotel, consumer goods, supply chain, etc. Our company is the extension arm of the recruitment department in the enterprise to carry out the entire recruitment process on behalf of customers. Customers simply submit information, we’ll quickly screen our data base, interview and send qualified candidates to the employer.

 Searching for right talents requires a lot of professional skills

JOB SD VINA meets the recruitment requirements:

Senior staffs from different countries around the world:

Seeking for global business leaders with high qualifications and experience in positions where domestic human resources are not available to run business operations in Vietnam is one of our core activities. With a network of more than 100 countries in the world, we are ready to meet any requirement of finding high quality human resources for your business. At the same time, Jobsdvina's candidate resumes database will help you quickly connect and access hundreds of millions of resumes and get updated regularly.

 Senior staffs from Vietnam working oversea:

Currently, the demand for labor working oversea from Vietnam is relatively high. While overseas businesses are relatively easy to find low-quality labor for manual work, Vietnamese senior staffs are extremely scarce. The reasons for this may include the fact that skilled workers do not have access to recruitment information. In contrast, foreign recruiters have not found a reputable source for evaluating candidates in Vietnam since they have enough trust to receive senior staff for their companies. In response to this demand, our company works as a bridge to help workers and businesses meet and collaborate in the simplest and quickest way..

Simple but effective methods:

  • JOB SD VINA promotes corporate recruiting information on online media channels to increase partner reputation.
  • Frequently update job information to candidates and vice versa
  • Direct connection to the Facebook page of Jobsdvina Korea with hundreds of thousands of fans.
  • Recruitment information is posted professionally, creative design and
  • Report regularly, specifically to the customers through which assessment of recruitment performance.

For further information or supports, please contact our hotline at (+84) 028. 54. 125. 217 - (+84) 028. 54. 125. 218, or through email at support@jobsdvina.com