Headhunter – Things You Wouldn’t Know

Headhunter is not a strange concept to many countries of the world. But in Vietnam this industry has not really found its right place and businesses have not fully be aware of the role of HEADHUNTERS.

What’s head hunter?

First of all, the headhunter is the phrase that mention about people who work in the human resources. Their job is not to sell a product, but to be a deal maker. This position requires skills, training, experience, techniques and strategies. Their job is to establish a network of relationships between qualified people, high positions in businesses and persuade them to join their human network. When any business has the need to recruit high-level personnel, their job is to "accurately connect" employees and businesses. This work requires an advanced level of planning, communication, persuasion, negotiation, negotiation and human psychology.

What do Headhunters do?

To recruit a talent for the business, besides the factors related to soft skills, a Headhunter must go through at least a lot of steps since receiving a talent search deal until finishing the terms of contract. In these steps it is possible to include a number of stages such as: Identifying target / potential customers; Negotiation of service charges and contract terms; Study job description and exchange of customer requirements; Filter-screen profile; Meet / interview candidates & reviews ... they must not ignore any of those steps because just one mistake at a time, you will have to start looking for candidates again.

What factors do Headhunters do well in their roles?

Progressive spirit, learning: No job orders are the same and different businesses have different requirements on candidates. Therefore, to meet the needs of customers a headhunter must constantly improve himself through learning and perfecting himself through his works. He also has to learn from his customers and candidates to gain experience for the next project. Learning is not “a single day procedure”, but is a long way that requires the practitioner to be patient and motivated.

Accurate Matching between Employer and Candidate: You must really understand the needs of the employers to get the most suitable advices about selecting candidates. From that you plan to scrutinize the available candidates from your database and search for external sources as well. Sometimes you even have to connect with other headhunters to find the right person that businesses are looking for.

Take care of customer even the contract is done: A good and dedicated headhunter will not stop his work right at the time he finds a candidate and get that person a job at right company, but he will also follow up with guidance and timely give supports to employee so he can adapt well to the working environment. In order to do so, a Headhunter has to understand the needs and culture of the company through the process of exchanging information and communicating from the beginning. Well implementing this policy is the way you assert the strengths in the service you provide, as a catalyst for upcoming projects with your customers.

What does the business get when working with a headhunter?

As a business, it’s not very smart to announce each and every recruiting information in public but announce them in a selective way. Also, there’re positions that HR department is not capable of recruiting, especially the senior positions that require many skills of personnel. Now finding a headhunter is a solution. With his experience and relationships, a Headhunter will quickly find the right person to help business save more time and effort but still meets the needs of personnel in the current period.

Not everyone who works on Human Resource can be Headhunter. You need to have some skills as the professional sellers have. But this industry is expected to develop rapidly in Vietnam in the future and is very interesting work, worthy trying.