1. Introduction: is a project of EGS Group – one of the leading Group of South Korea, which have been doing business over many countries around the world in:

  • Producing hi-tech medical equipment which provide abilities to have quick results for medical tests. These equipment have been exporting to more than 120 countries through popular organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and other multi-national distributors.
  • Developing hi-tech AFIS system
  • Developing and manufacturing flat - technology
  • Integral system and Telescope

In Vietnam, we recognized this country is in a wide integration into the world’s economy with the diversified development of economic sectors so the demand for human resource will increase. In the meanwhile, this country is in the “Golden Age” with about 63 million people in working age, of which 70% are in their 20s and 30s with a lot of qualified people. This will be an important foundation for economic development if we know how to use human resources appropriately. That is the reason for EGS Group to deploy in Vietnam.

     2. Target: is a combination of EGS and professors who are teaching in Korean universities and large enterprises in Korea and fulfil: 

  • Connecting universities supplying human resources between the two countries Vietnam and Korea. Exchange of education and training experience.
  • Creating a job information channel so that any Korean can access and find a job if they want to work in Vietnam..
  • Employers from South Korea don’t not need to go to Vietnam but are still available of recruiting staff for the company.
  • Vietnamese employees can apply for jobs from Korean businesses based in Vietnam or going to work in South Korea.

     3. Mission – Vision

 JOB SD VINA is the most solid bridge between employers and employees

  • In the next five years, JOB SD VINA will become the leading company which provide employment services in Vietnam..

     4. Our services

  • Seeking talents: Search and provide senior staff are Vietnamese or other countries in the world to hold positions such as CEO, General Director, CEO, Head of the department, etc.
  •  Recruiting talents from South Korea to Vietnam: Selecting candidates directly from large Korean enterprises and universities to work in Vietnam.
  • Providing employees for South Korea companies in Vietnam: Recruiting and supplying high quality laborers, ordinary laborers to work for Korean enterprises headquartered in Vietnam and transferring to work in Korea.
  • Connecting with Vietnamese and South Korean universities: Help to increase the job search rate for new graduates, support for advertising, recruiting and providing free training programs.
  • Online recruiting: Employers and candidates can easily post recruitment information to our website so employers can quickly find the appropriate profile.
  • Offline recruiting: Job SD VINA will regularly organize job event events, bringing the recruiter directly to meet candidates to find the right person.

     5Why JOB SD VINA


     6Our promises

 Professional: Experienced staffs recruited and trained with the system of quality assessment candidates meet international standards.

 Efficiency: The development of partners is also our development, so we pay special attention to the quality of services provided to partners..

 Sustainable cooperation: We are always on the go with our customers at all times, and sustainability plays an important role in our human resources, which is key to our success.


      7. Contact

Please contact for further information:

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